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  • Inter Colour  Promotion Agency is an organization that is specialised in giving advice and information  about the artists industry.
  • Inter Colour  Promotion Agency consults and networks with different groups of artists that are  actively singing, dancing and performing.
  • We are looking up  for upcoming music and dance talents that are ready to break-through as artists in  the music industry.


Are you a motivated and a courageous artist and do you have a music or  dance act that needs to grow further? Then Intercolour Promotion is the best  organisation to consult for expert advice and information.


Inter Colour Promotion Agency without hesitations for further information
on Mobile number: 064 505 53 05

Mr.  Franklin van Axel Dongen will be at your service to answer  all your burning questions.

The choice is yours, but don’t miss this wonderful opportunity.
Interested? Complete and send the attached form together with your photo and a demo  CD back to us with this form:

Download the intercolourform

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